The sooner you launch your website, the quicker your ideas are going to go live. This is why, we have crafted a wonderful line of more than 800 complimentary templates that are highlighted in our Online Control Panel. You don’t need to invest many hours browsing galleries of similar templates and praying that you may obtain an original layout for your website. All the themes are completely customizable and are offered with every one of our cloud web hosting accounts.

The templates are centered on many topics and actions. We offer themes that will be great for personal internet sites like blogs as well as organization web sites, like online stores. Almost all of the templates can be found simply with Free Domain Name and Hosting’s cloud hosting services, so this will give you the ability to employ a unique style and design for your web site.

800+ Complimentary Templates

Completely customizable. Automatic Setting up

To save you time in choosing the perfect overall look for your web site, we have developed a array of over 800 complimentary templates within the Free Domain Name and Hosting Control Panel. The designs are built to cover many ideas and necessities – you will discover web templates for both private web sites just like blogs or portfolios as well as organization sites or web stores.

All of our complimentary templates are obtainable together with both our Application Installer and our Site Installer. Because of this you’re able to add the theme you want on a brand new web site within seconds.

Free Website Themes

Complimentary Web app Templates

Get complimentary templates for your next web app

With the tools that you’ve available in the Free Domain Name and Hosting Control Panel, it’s easy to begin a new Joomla website or perhaps a WordPress blog on your own. You could also opt for a pretty layout for your site from a large variety of custom themes.

You can acquire a new customized template together with the following web applications: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery). Our templates are working with all editions of these web applications and can be acquired at no cost at any time.

Free App Themes

Complimentary Site Builder Templates

100+ thoroughly simple to customize complimentary templates

If you want to develop your own web site and spend less on web design, you can easily take benefit from the Complimentary Site Generator. It’s a theme–structured website constructor that will require virtually no HTML or CSS skills from you, and it is obtainable for no cost with all of our cloud hosting plans.

The tool includes over 100 different designs, that you can totally personalize to your liking. Because these complimentary templates were created for only the site builder, you can rest assured that when you make your website, it’s going to be unique.

Free Site Builder Themes