The term "disk space" is oftentimes called "disk quota" or "data storage", still all these words mean the exact same thing - the volume of data that you'll be able to upload to a cloud web hosting account. The overall size of the things you have is estimated by accumulating the storage space used by the overall content within your account, the most obvious being the types of files that you upload. Two other things are usually forgotten by many people, though - email messages and also databases. Big attachments or databases of larger script-driven sites can often take a lot of storage space too. To use a more common analogy, the hard disk space of your personal computer is used not just by files you download, but also by documents you create along with programs you install. Likewise, a number of things are counted towards the disk space that your content employs on a web hosting server, not just the uploads.

Disk Space in Cloud Web Hosting

Our cloud web hosting packages were made with the concept that shortage of hard disk space should not be something that can reduce the development of your sites. For this reason we've taken a technique which is distinct from the one that most web hosting suppliers apply - instead of just generating all the accounts on a single server and eventually not having enough disk space, we employ a cloud hosting platform where the storage is taken care of by a wide cluster of servers. Because of this, we are able to connect more machines if they are necessary and more hard drives, in order to offer you more disk space for all the files of our valued customers. Different clusters manage the emails and your databases, so not only is it possible to develop your websites not worrying about hard disk space, but also all the servers will operate faster and better since every service has its own storage space and a single server doesn't handle different kinds of files.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you buy a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you will not have to worry about the hard disk space that you may use for the basic reason that the characteristic is unrestricted. In contrast to many other hosting suppliers who promise a similar service, yet create accounts on a single machine where quite a limited number of hdds can be connected, we work with an innovative cloud platform which uses groups of servers. Your files will be kept on one cluster, the e-mails on another, your databases on a third one etc. Such a system gives you 2 serious advantages - first, the hard disk space will not finish because we can easily attach more servers to every cluster that needs them, and second, the servers will work much more efficiently as they'll take care of only one kind of processes. A semi-dedicated server package provides you the freedom to improve your websites as much as you want.

Disk Space in VPS

With all our VPS, you can expect sufficient disk space for all of your content that suits all of the other server features, consequently a more expensive package features a larger quota. You'll be able to use the space as you see fit, since there are no pre-defined allowances for the website files, emails or databases - all of them share the entire hard disk space of your server. Yet, in case you prefer to have some restrictions, you are able to obtain your VPS plan with cPanel or DirectAdmin as the hosting Control Panel, and you'll be able to set up website hosting accounts with a fixed volume of hdd space for every individual domain name that you host on your server. If you want more storage space at some time, you are able to quickly upgrade your plan with a few mouse-clicks and the extra features will be added to your existing account, so that you will not be expected to relocate anything and all your sites will remain up and running.

Disk Space in Dedicated Hosting

All our Linux dedicated hosting feature several hard disk drives so as to match the processing power that you will get, which means that you will never need to be worried for not having enough hard disk space. The hard drives can operate in RAID, this means that one drive can function as a mirror of another so as to guarantee that all your data will be backed up, alternatively you can use it on its own for even larger overall storage capacity. Many hundreds of gigabytes of hard disk space will be available at all times, so that you will be able to operate large websites, upload enormous files and duplicate your individual archive. Since a dedicated server is the most powerful type of website hosting, you'll be able to upload/download files with ultra fast speeds. If needed, we also provide you with the option to include more hard disks and make use of even further storage space for your content. We offer three hosting Control Panels with our dedicated servers - using Hepsia, all your domain names will share the entire server space and will be operated in one place, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you'll have the possibility to create distinct website hosting accounts with certain disk space allocations for each domain name hosted on your server.